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Telecommunications Software Development

MTI - Software Every Telecommunication Operator Should Have...

CENTROG MTI (My Telecom Intelligence) is state of the art software solution designed to provide the Telecom Management Team real time Business Intelligence overview of their network.

We process customer data such as LAC (cell location), IMEI (equipment record), error codes, timestamps and so on in order to deliver detailed information about network and display the data to the customer:

- Usage across the network by time period

- Cell Location

- Device manufacturer/model and service that is using

- Evaluate dropped calls and sessions for basic network experience metrics - include the basic reasons why a call had dropped

- Social network analysis – looking at calling groups

- Device substitution – looking at people who change their device

- Usage and churn risk – evaluation of usage patterns and identify users likely to churn

My Telecom Intelligence consist of tree modules, that make it highly scalable, easy to integrate and upgrade according to the current customer needs and requirements.

MODULE 1: Basic Enrichment Data:

- TAC List – provides a list of all the devices as identified by the operator. Beside including Manufacturer and model also includes specification, color, memory, manufacture date etc

- Cellsite List – provides a list of all the cell towers identified by the operator, this would include naming convention and longitude/latitude to plot the usage data on a map and perform basic geo-spatial analysis

- Price Plan Data – providing a list of price plans against each MSISDN (prepaid, postpaid and wholesale)

- ARPU Data – providing a list of ARPU ranges against each MSISDN

- Customer Attributes – primarily used for incorporating customer lifecycle data, contract expiry date etc.

MODULE 2: Probe/Sniffer/DPI Data:

Some of the most interesting data from the network comes from Probes. These may be employed in some of the following ways:

- Measure call hand-offs between cell towers

- Capture click data (capturing the URL in a data session)

- Measuring the download or upload performance of a session

- Measuring traffic types e.g. Email, FTP, Torrents, HTTP

- Identification of an application that is used such as Skype, Google Maps, Facebook etc.

MODULE 3: Mobile BI (Business intelligence)

- Management dashboards that show basic network usage trends. We are including some forecasts to demonstrate the growth rates of key areas.

- Network growth dashboard – showing growth in cell sites, traffic types, user growth and sites/apps that are driving the traffic

- Field engineering reports – showing the historical picture of a cell site or network element

- Marketing/Customer service view of network data – showing a picture of customer usage trends, network experience and churn risk

- Customer - focused apps to measure usage (data being the key one) - there are good applications here in both the business/enterprise area and consumer.

- Ecosystem apps – packaging data from a telco network and finding ways of monetising the data with 3rd parties – key to this is location/movement data and click analysis

Software is developed using latest state of the art C# technologies in Microsoft Visual Studio with the latest ASP.NET MVC Framework.

One of the key benefits you get by using our software are:

- High scalability and easy to upgrade. The software collect all the data that is needed for all tree modules even if you do not have the license for it and as soon as the module is activated it shows corresponding data. Activating additional module is very simple one click license input and module is on place;

- Web-based software running on a web server so there is no need for software installation on user terminals;

- Software can be access from any operating system, including tablets and mobile phones. All you need to have is a web browser installed;

- Multi-user level access. You can assign different roles and permissions set for different users as well as group of users, so you can decide who to access the specific areas of the application;

- Multiple users license. You can create unlimited number of users to use the software and it can be fed by unlimited data quantity; (unlimited in terms of the technology limitations - C# and Microsoft SQL);

- Recycle bin option. You can recover any deleted data from the system;

- One year free technical support with the software;

If you are interested in our product or have any questions or inquiries, please contact us trough our web form, and we will be pleased to set online meeting for you or provide you with additional information.

Published on: 10 February 2014

Author: Mihajlo Kitanoski - Founder, Owner and CEO at CENTROG Information and Communication Technologies


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