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Automotive Software Development

Software is becoming an increasingly central component in vehicles. Not so long ago a car had a battery for the lighting and windshield wipers, and that was it. Now a lot of functions have been taken over by software – like the airbags, tailgate, windows and mirrors. The engine itself also contains software. The chance that a software problem lies at the heart of a breakdown is increasing.

A lot can be measured

Software in cars enables a lot to be measured. It is now possible to register the driving behavior – and so see who has been where and when – or the speed. The question is how to respond to this? Who has access to the data? Lease companies are keen to know how their lease cars are used. Insurance companies can use the data to raise the premium or give a discount if it is clear that the someone is driving prudently.

Tools and methods we use

In CENTROG we use latest tools and methods to boost the quality and productivity of software.

- Design software architecture designed to be able to cope with the gigantic quantity of logged data

- Ensure that only the right people can access the data

- Safeguard the security


We have in-depth knowledge and experience in:

- All OEM Electronic Control Units (ECU)

- Variety Protocols and Network Simulations

- Vehicle Simulators

- ECU Simulators

Development Platforms

Out team consists of professionals that have more than 6 years of experience in using variety of development platforms and programming languages such as:

- C/C++ on Qt framework versions Qt3 and Qt4 (QT Creator, QtWebKit 2.0, QML and QT Designer)

- C/C++ on ACE framework

- Java/J2EE

- Embedded C

- IBM Rational Rose

- IAR Embedded Workbench


- S7 SIMATIC Software for PLC programming

- Pascal

- Microsoft Visual Studio.NET C#

- Eclipse




- Java Script

- Python and Python Script

- Ant Script


Deep knowledge on follow protocols used for vehicle diagnostic:

- CAN Diagnostic standard – ((ISO 15765-4 and SAE-J2284)

- Keyword Protocol 2000 – KWP (ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4)

- Open Reprogramming standard - SAE-J2534

- Unified diagnostic services (UDS) - ISO 14229

- Implementation of ODX-F used for reprogramming of ECU.

- OBD II standard

- MVCI (ISO 22900)

Implementation and maintain of follows vehicle diagnostic functionality:

- Reading on VIN

- CAN network test

- Identification of ECU

- Multiplex network

- Reading and erasing Faults

- Configuration and reprogramming of ECU’s

- Data recording

- Documentation for diagnostic

If you are interested in using our services or have any questions or inquiries, please contact us trough our web form, and we will be pleased to set online meeting for you or provide you with additional information.

Published on: 18 September 2013

Author: Mihajlo Kitanoski - Founder, Owner and CEO at CENTROG Information and Communication Technologies


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