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4 Mobile trends to prepare for in the days to come

May 15th, 2014
Posted by Mihajlo Kitanoski - Founder, Owner and CEO at CENTROG Information and Communication Technologies
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Mobile Trends

In January 2014 over 1 billion devices were registered on Android. iOS already counts 700.000. eBay generated over 20 billion dollars in revenue from mobile phones in the end of 2013. These numbers are a real eye opener for those still haven’t accounted for the power of mobile. It is not just a fad and it will definitely not going to go away anytime soon. Here are the 4 trends your company should be aware of in the near future:

Development of mobile apps will grow dramatically

This is an obvious one. But still, there are many companies who are not utilizing on the power of mobile. In the beginning it seemed that not all desktop applications are fit to go mobile, but less than a decade later, this estimation proved to be very wrong. Regardless of the business you are in, if you want to be competitive, you have to go mobile. If you are looking for a way to go mobile Centrog offers mobile applications development for the most popular platforms available including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone 7.

More operating systems (more headaches for developers) are coming

iOS and Android still market leaders in the field. But experts predict that 2014 will see growth of new mobile operating systems, including Mozilla’s mobile Firefox OS, a mobile Ubuntu OS, and Sailfish, a proprietary OS created by former Nokia. The advantage that the new OS comers have is that most of them are currently planning and developing for mobile operating systems for inexpensive smart phones, that are definitely going to be competitive at least price wise. Especially for people in emerging markets who don’t use most of the functions their super expensive smart phones have anyways. This means that the OS problem mobile developers currently have is only going to get worse.

The mobile trend will not stop at phones

It is predicted that by the end of 2014, people will own even more mobile devices, (even though many expected this number to decrease) — up from 5.7 devices per home in 2013 to 6 or more devices per home in 2014. And this does not mean phones only. We have already seen new kinds of mobile devices, or wearables, such as smart glasses and smart watches. Although it might still be awhile before wearable devices start going mainstream, programmers for mobile applications will need to prepare for performance issues on each new type of device and screen.

The “Internet of things” is definitely coming

This trend may come as a conclusion to the previous trends mentioned, and it may sound even scary – but the “Internet of things” is coming. Internet connected game consoles who contact with smart phones are already here. Smart TV’s are also present in many households. Companies are predicting that this trend will not stop at TV’s and game consoles, and that in fact many household appliances will connect to the Internet soon, introducing the “Internet of things”.