• Simplify
    Speed information, service and project delivery with integrated strategy and detailed approach.
  • Standardize
    Reduce cost, time and process cycles all in order to provide standard with unmatchable performance and quality.
  • Automate
    Improve operational efficiency with technology, consulting and best practices.
  • Adapt
    In this ever changing world adaptation is essential in order to achieve sustainable results.
  • Collaborate
    We create and develop logical and enduring relations with our clients, enabling us to reach their business goals and maximize their ROI.
  • Dedicate
    Single-minded focus to do whatever it takes bringing out our proactive and resourceful approach.
  • Over-perform
    Over-deliver on our services to clients, thriving on perfect and maximized value over simple contractual promises.
  • Integrate
    Mold all our services together in order to deliver one-stop-shop i.e. the pillar of our success.

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Growing your IT Company: 5 resources to learn programming from for free

May 24th, 2014 - Posted by
Posted by Mihajlo Kitanoski - Founder, Owner and CEO at CENTROG Information and Communication Technologies
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Mobile Trends

As an owner of an IT company, or company from any industry which hires IT professionals for that matter, it is crucial to your survival on the market that your employees never stop learning and improving. The IT industry is growing by the second, and staying on top of it will ensure your company’s existence and profit. Fortunately, there are many (mostly free) courses and certification programs online which your employees can use to expand their knowledge, without having to miss days from work or spend large amounts of money. Make sure you pass along a list among your IT company that has at least some of the following websites to learn programming from:


Coursera.org is a completely free online learning platform with over 200 courses from more than 50 universities. Coursera gives you the ability to subscribe and listen to classes from professors from some of the best universities in the world, participate in exams and exercises, and look for solutions to problems with your classmates using the forum feature. It contains classes from many areas and IT is among the most used ones.


Udacity is a for-profit educational organization offering massive open online courses. These courses focus on learning by solving problems, an approach that has proved to be very helpful to many IT experts. Along with Coursera it is definitely a must for your IT company’s employees bookmarks page.

Google Code University

It is from the best company in the world, and it is completely free. Google offers studying materials and examples and programs to use while learning. It is obviously among the best platforms to learn Android on. Additionally, it offers many advanced courses from various topics.

Mozilla Developer Network

This is the course you will want to send your web designers and developer to. Mozilla has its own course about making websites covering HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The beginner section is a very helpful to start your web design journey, or go back to basics and realize you have missed a few helpful tricks about what makes the websites tick. The advanced section of these courses will deal with recent issues and new design trends which will improve your IT Company’s website.


This website is the hang out place for programmers. Gaining attention and huge amount of users since the beginning of 2012, CodeCademy has established its presence in the online learning world, and many programmers use it to find solutions to their coding headaches. It is a free site that adds gamification to the learning process if you want to learn with friends or colleagues. The company behind CodeCademy also runs CodeYear, a similar online learning website.